Out of care and concern for the congregation and community, the Council of Emmanuel United Church has decided to pause in person worship services until  further notice. We will be meeting to discuss how worship services will be moving forward with new recommendations from the Province announced recently.
We will continue with live streamed services each Sunday morning.  Stay safe, be well!
Sunday, January 2, 2022
Join us for Epiphany Sunday
at 10:30am
on YouTube or Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/EmmanuelUnitedWindsor/

Note on Affirming Ministry: Friends,

Emmanuel United Church is rightly proud of being a warm and welcoming congregation. 
For over a hundred years, we have opened our doors to those seeking worship and community. However, despite all of us being children of God, we know that people with diverse gender and sexual identities have not always felt welcomed in Christian churches. Becoming an affirming congregation would take us beyond simply opening our doors to all. 

We have been asked by Council to chair a working group to consider this issue. This process will take the time it takes and will be deeply consultative.         

A first step will be embarking on a discernment and education process. This means listening, including to stories of those within and outside of our congregation, as well as hearing about the experiences of United Churches which have become affirming congregations.                                                                

This is an exciting opportunity for our church to consider!  If you interested in joining the working group to consider this issue, please let us know. 

 The Meaning of White Gift Sunday


The tradition of White Gift Sunday has its roots in a small Methodist church in Ohio in 1904.  What began as a humble way to reflect on the love and devotion of the giver and not the value of the gift has grown into today’s white gift services in many churches across several denominations. The story is told that a minister’s wife initiated the idea to solve the problem of inequity of gifts given at the Sunday School Christmas party.  Instead of focusing on receiving gifts, the focus shifted to bringing gifts to Jesus that could in turn be shared with people around the world who did not have much.  All the gifts would come wrapped in plain white paper, so that no one would know which was an expensive gift and which was a more modest one.  No one would feel ashamed of their gift and everyone would share in the joy of giving to others. Emmanuel United will observe White Gift Sunday this week with a child-centred service lead by the Sunday School which takes place during the Advent four service of Love. In keeping with the spirit of the first White Gift service, we ask those attending bring a gift for the Downtown Mission.


Sunday, December 19th
Join us for Advent Four and WHITE GIFT SUNDAY service, lead by the Sunday School at 10:30am  in person or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/EmmanuelUnitedWindsor/
Gifts will be collected for the Downtown mission.

POINSETTIAS will be dedicated in Memoriam
as well, during the service. 
Sunday December 12th 
Join us for Sunday Service at 10:30am 
in person or on Facebook at

Sunday, December 5th 

Advent Two
Join us for Sunday Service at 10:30am
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Ruth Byrnes Giving Tree is at the back of the sanctuary                                                      and asking for its branches to be decorated with gifts for                                                      Hiatus House and Matthew House.                                                                                  Needed items for each organization are below. 

Matthew House Windsor is currently in need  of the following items: 





  • ** mops & pails, brooms & dustpans ** 
  • Cleaning supplies – all-purpose cleaners - liquid and spray,   laundry soap
  • Large pots & pans, strainers, mixing bowls, colanders,  cutting boards
  • Kitchen Utensils - ladles, wooden spoons, sharp knives ,  cutlery    
  • blenders & kettles, coffee makers

 For Apartment Setup

  • Single and Double sheet sets and comforters
  • Shower curtains and hooks, small household mats, dish racks
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Household garbage cans

 Gift Card

  • Transit Windsor Adult bus tickets**
  • Food Basics/Metro/ Dollarama
  • Walmart
Hiatus House
Go to https://hiatushouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Holiday-Needed-Items-List-2021.pdf 
Join us for Sunday Service at 10:30am
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Sunday, November 28th ADVENT ONE service with Communion
Join us!

Commissioners of the 43rd General Council met online on Saturday, October 23rd and approved a mission and vision statement for the denomination. Gathering in a required annual meeting, Commissioners embraced the words “Deep Spirituality, Bold Discipleship, and Daring Justice” as a statement of purpose for the church in such a time as this, and also supported a related vision statement: Called by God, as disciples of Jesus, The United Church of Canada seeks to be a bold, connected, evolving church of diverse, courageous, hope-filled communities united in deep spirituality, inspiring worship, and daring justice.

Join us for Sunday Service at 10:30am
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Remembrance Day Sunday, November 7th, 2021
Thank you to Rev Mike Morency for joining us today. Pastor Mike and his wife Kim reside in Belle River, Ontario where he is on the leadership team of New Life Assembly. A frequent speaker at conferences and retreats, Mike is passionate about helping the people of God become the very hands and feet of Christ in their communities. As Executive Director of Matthew House Refugee Welcome Centre, Mike and his team provide a welcoming home for newly arrived refugee claimants who arrive in Windsor-Essex seeking safety and a fresh start. As a Christian ministry, Matthew House seeks to fulfill the mandate of Matthew 25:35 "I was a stranger and you welcomed me."

Sunday, October 24th  
Confirmation Sunday
We will be welcoming 4 young people into our Church family!! 
World Food Day October 17th 

On this 29th United Nations International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, we come together as church to call to mind the divine community that God imagines for all God’s people. 

A community of love, justice, dignity and full participation- a world without poverty. In Canada, nearly 5 million people                 

live in poverty. One effort toward God’s kingdom  is the call for a guaranteed livable income program.                                                                                  

Together may we reflect on the Word and be moved into the world.

Here is the link for the Facebook site for the service at 10:30 am https://www.facebook.com/EmmanuelUnitedWindsor/

Thanksgiving Service for October 10th at 10:30am
 Here is the link for the Facebook site for the service at 10:30 am https://www.facebook.com/EmmanuelUnitedWindsor/
Our Special Service Celebrating of 100th Year Anniversary
Sept. 19 at 10:30am
Such a wonderful anniversary, God Bless Us All and the great community of marvelous brothers and sisters in Christ.  God bless you in this trying year.  
Service for September 12th
Just a reminder that our Sunday morning worship service is at 10:30am this coming Sunday, September 12th. Inside the church for Rally Day with ice cream to follow the service!
We are gathering both in person and online.

Hope you are enjoying this beauty day!

Here is the link for the Facebook site for the service at 10:30 am https://www.facebook.com/EmmanuelUnitedWindsor/
June 30th
The Sunday School kids planted Sunflowers!
And boy did they flourish!!!

Welcome to Emmanuel United Church
1728 Lincoln Road
Windsor, Ontario
Call office(519) 253-8791
Call Minister's Study (519)253-0003
100th Anniversary of
Emmanuel United Church
of Windsor
June 6-7 2020, was going to be our 100th anniversary celebration with our Moderator, Rt.Rev. Dr. Richard Bott in attendance.  The 100th Anniversary Committee has wonderful plans for our celebration now on Sunday, September 19th 
The photo depicts the choir that was assembled to sing in celebration
of Black History Month in February of 2020


Our Ministries
Below are some of our community activities. (Suspended until further notice due to Covid restrictions)
Christian Education
Bible Study and Spiritual Exploration
Sunday School
Children's introduction to Faith, including a feature for them during Sunday service lead by the Minister before they have their own special time concurrent with the remainder of Sunday service.
We actively reach out to our community, including cooking meals at the Downtown Mission and donating food and resources, providing meals at the Ronald McDonald House for families who have children in the hospital; contributing for more than 40 years to the Christmas campaign for the Windsor Essex Children's Aid Society; maintaining a commitment to the Mission and Service fund through the United Church of Canada; hosting environmental cleanup events and more.
Senior Social Club
Outreach and fellowship for Seniors through the Seniors Social Club that meets on a weekly basis.

About Us
Emmanuel United Church 
1728 Lincoln Road
Windsor, Ontario, N8W 2P7
 Office 519-253-8791
Rev. George's Email georgebozanich@gmail.com
Minister's Study ~ 519-253-0003l
A growing congregation in central Windsor, Ontario with a love of teaching about Jesus love for humanity and God's love both temporal and immortal for his creation.
"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."  
—John 3, verse 16 
Sunday Worship Service during Winter are at 10:30am.  We would love to see you.

Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord!